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Friday, July 6, 2012

Suck It Cancer!

Tell Cancer to suck it by using natural holistic methods to prevent and/or cure the savage disease.  I have never personally had cancer and I pray that it never happens.  However, if I am ever that unlucky, I will not be doing chemo therapy.  In the documentary "Food Matters"  they discuss how nutrition can, and has cured cancer.  The way I understand it, chemo therapy is designed to kill cells.  Fact: chemo therapy kills cancer cells.  Lesser Known Fact:  chemo therapy also kills normal/healthy cells.  The problem is that once most cancer patients who have taken chemo have been cleared and told that they are cancer free, it almost always comes back worse within 5 years.  Cancer naturally exists in everyones bodies, but our immune systems are able to fight it off naturally when they are functioning correctly.  After chemo, even healthy cells are damaged or destroyed and their abilities to fight off mean old cancer are diminished leaving the individual basically helpless.  Some might claim that it is a conspiracy that the drug companies and oncology specialists are just in it for the money and to get people to pay for the really expensive treatments.  The fact of the matter is that most people are just ignorant to the concept that nutrition can cure diseases.  They mean no harm and are in fact mostly caring people who really do want to help the cancer patients out.  They just have not been educated in this new type of thinking.  I recommend everyone watch this documentary and learn from it.

Healing Cancer Naturally - A Holistic Approach:

Food Matters Trailer

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