Haywood Fitness: July 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013

Too Busy to Workout? 5 Tips for Morning Workouts

Too Busy to Workout?  

Funny story. I started this blog to write and help people who were too busy to workout (like me). However, until today I actually haven’t discussed the subject. Well, today is the end to that. I am going to share my tips and thoughts on how to fit working out into your busy schedule. Read on… 

FIRST TIP: If at all possible schedule your workouts FIRST THING in the morning 

 I often hear “I am not a morning person”. That’s great except if you always use that excuse you might not be any type of workout person because working out might not happen. Here are my tips for working out in the morning: 

5 Tips for Morning Workouts

  1. Figure out how long your workout is and add in 15 minutes to get yourself prepped for it. For example, if you typically have to start getting ready for work at 7:00am and your workout is 45 minutes long then you need to set your alarm for 5:45am. You will spend between 5:45am prepping and hit play at 6am-you can then get in the shower or start your regular routine at 7:00am as usual. 


  2. Lay out everything the night before.  Either sleep in your workout clothes or have them lying on the floor by your bed. The first thing I do is grab my workout gear off the floor then I hit the bathroom. You need to have the DVD in the player, your water bottle full in the fridge, your tennis shoes laid out etc. You need to be able to grab everything and go! 


  3. Drink a Pre-workout drink if you are super tired. I personally drink and recommend energy and endurance because it is cold and easy to chug down and it kicks in after about 10-15 minutes. I and have it ready the night before and just throw in the mix and shake it up. I do my morning devotional or check out the news, put on my shoes, let the dog out, etc. while I am waiting about ten minutes for it to kick in. 


  4. Invite a friend to join you or join a group. If you aren't motivated about getting out of bed in the morning meet a friend at the gym, local pool, or running path. Or, invite them over to do a home fitness DVD (like T25) with you. If you know someone is waiting on your or depending on you to workout you are more likely to push yourself to get out of bed. 


  5. If possible ask for help. Because my husband and I have an unpredictable one year old we have to rotate working out. So, in the mornings he is “on call” to watch/listen for her to wake up while I work out downstairs in the basement. At night I put her to bed while he works out. We rotate who works out in the morning and at night. If you don’t have that luxury of help pay a trusted teenager (or grab a willing family member or friend who will do it for free) to watch them for a few bucks for an hour or take the monitor with you while you work out (if they are still sleeping). Even if they wake-up during your workout and you have to quit, it is better to get fifteen minutes of working out in than none at all. If they are older children have them join in with you! 


Life happens. If you are anything like me by the time I get home from work I have to make dinner, clean the house, play with the baby, put the baby to bed, etc. etc. by the time I get a moment it is 9:00pm and I am exhausted and don’t want to work out. If you do it first thing in the morning you aren’t allowing “life” to get between you and working out. Plus, it is very rewarding to start your day knowing you already are done working out.  I challenge you to try it for one month and if you aren’t a morning person after that then you can at least say you tried!  

Focus on Fitness not Weight Loss


It is important to focus on fitness not weight.. ..I was watching Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition last night and The girl on there was 5'6" and 292 lbs. Which is nothing compared to some of the other people he helps. Since she didn't have tons and tons of weight to lose, because she had a year to do it in.  Chris Powell didn't give her a weight loss goal but told her to "focus on fitness" and the weight would come....and it did she got all the weigh(get it) down to 162 lbs.


Too many times people get fixated on the number on the scale. This girl was doing cross fit and could run a half marathon or swim a mile at the drop of a hat but she was discouraged with herself because she wasn't seeing that number change. Focus on how much better you feel during your workouts and how much more you can do now versus when you started. Be encouraged that you are seeing changes whether that is in the mirror, on the scale, or in your fitness level.  I suggest to anyone starting a program in one of my challenge groups that they take measurements before they begin.  Then take them again every 30 days.  Many times, especially in the beginning of a new program, people will not lose weight at first.  However, if they have pictures and measurements, they can often see a difference or their measurements are lower and they are losing inches.