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Thursday, October 24, 2013

No Self Control Around Food

No Self Control Around Food

I find that a lot of the time I have no self control around food.  If we are at a family cookout or an event that has a buffet or is serving food, I almost always over eat and "give myself a pass" to eat bad that day.  After all I workout a fair amount and I deserver it.....right?  But, more and more I have been trying to limit myself, in these situations, to smaller portions.  It is very easy to rack up the calories quickly in these types of environments.  Before you know it, you have "sampled" all of the desserts and have eaten maybe 2,000 calories worth in just chocolate.  Believe me, it is a very easy thing to do.  I don't want to be a total buzz kill at parties or cookouts and not eat anything, or worse yet have people be afraid to eat around Megan and I for fear we will slap the cookies right out of their hands and say in an outraged tone "Don't you know how many calories are in that?"  However, I do feel like it is important to set a good example in situations like this.  Megan and I, after all, are "the Healthy Nuts" in our families.  Not to say other people in our posse are not healthy but we do feel like we get labeled as such because we are always working out and we try to eat healthy most of the time.  I need to be better in these situations and not go overboard just because the food is there.


On a similar note, I have come to realize that if bad food is in the house....it sets me on a seek and destroy mission.  I have to eat it, even if I'm not hungry.  There are typically so many other healthy options available to me, but I choose the junk food 9 times out of 10.  As this picture above says "If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food."  We try to to do our best at keeping nutritious, good for you options around because I have no self control around food.  I'm a big guy, I eat a lot of food.  If my only options are healthy then that is what I will choose.  But, if bad food is in the house, you better eat some before I see it because it won't last long if I know it is there.

I need to do better and I am trying.  As We get ready to begin another round of Body Beast, I vow that this time I will not consume mass quantities of junk but instead mass quantities of healthy options and only some junk.  Hey, you gotta live a little right?  Please share in the comments if you struggle with this too.  And, if you need help with your nutrition plan Megan and I offer free coaching.



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