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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Why I Workout at Home

Why do I workout at home?

My husband has always loved the Beachbody at home DVD series. He never was a fan of going to the gym waiting around for people to be done using the equipment. I however, always loved a good aerobics class. I liked to go right after work before I got home and grew tired. I liked the social aspect and the accountability. I always said, "if I don't go to the gym then I won't work out".

Things changed drastically after I became a mom. I had already been getting highly irrated about going to the gym. I couldn't believe how stressful it was becoming. I would go to aerobics class and ladies were saving spots for a handful of other ladies who weren't there yet. If I didn't get their super early all of the good hand weights and sizes were taken. Sometimes the instructors would show up late (or not at all!) and the best was the comments I would get from other people working out. Everyone would have a comment about me losing too much or not enough weight (no joke!) Working out was supposed to be a stress reliever but it was starting to create stress! On top of all of that I felt guilty going to the gym after work since I had already left my daughter all day. It took me away from her even longer because I had to drive to and from the gym.

I have always loved Chalene Johnson's workouts. She is always cheerful and talks to the camera like she is right there with me. So, I decided to try her Turbo Fire series. I liked it because it came with a big calendar to follow the routines daily. I didn't really feel like I was working out alone because her energy and support seemed to jump right out at me from the T.V! I began doing the workouts early in the morning before work while everyone else was asleep. Although it wasn't easy at first being a morning person it was nice to have "me" time for once. On Saturdays and Sundays when I wanted to workout at home I would do so while my daughter napped or after she went to bed. It was reassuring to know that if she needed me I was just downstairs in the basement. I no longer had to get annoyed by stuff that happened at the gym. The gym was in my home!

home gym

After I had such success with Turbo Fire I decided to do Body Beast with my husband. I would do the workouts in the morning still and he would do them at night. We would encourage each other and talk about the workouts. It connected us. We both loved the workouts and programs so much that we decided to be Beach Body coaches. Now we help motivate others that do the workouts through phone calls, emails, and facebook workout groups. I feel even more accountable and committed than ever! I feel like I have a whole network of positive coaches and friends I am doing the programs with. When I get up early to workout I know that my other Beachbody buddies are working out too...just farther away! I no longer have to worry about if my daughter is okay, what I am wearing or look like, who is going to comment, and if there will be too many people using the machines.  I am also saving A LOT of money. My gym membership was costing me about $400 a year. Even though the DVD series aren't cheap I only pay for them one time I then I get to keep them forever.

Some people love the gym and at one point I did too.  What used to work for you maybe looks completely different now and then And, even more different years from now. The important thing is finding what works for YOU.  If you want to try an at home workout series to see if it is the right fit for you message me or check out my site. I would love to recruit you! ;)



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