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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Two Weeks of Turbofire

Well...I am mighty proud of myself! I have made it through three weeks of Turbo Fire. I did not miss a single work-out and I felt like I kept up with the workouts pretty good. So, it was to my dismay when I saw that I had only lost two more pounds. I know that they say to not get caught up on the scale but these last fifteen pounds I need to lose sure don't seem to want to go anywhere!

I finally came to accept the fact that I can't just workout but I also need to watch what I eat. My biggest culprit these last few weeks has been frozen custard. My husband and I have been frequent visitors. So, this week I decided to quit ice cream and any other unnecessary junk. So, what would you know but while I'm grocery shopping I get a text message from my husband requesting on my way home I stop and get us frozen custard!

On the way to the custard place I had a dialog in my head that went something like this, "You do not need ice cream. Just because you are getting him ice cream doesn't mean you need any."  "Okay, I won't get any....but...if the flavor of the week is raspberry chip then I can have some"  (Funny how we can bend the rules so easily).  Would you believe that when I pulled up to the custard place a big sign said that the flavor of the week was raspberry chip?!! "Okay, guess I was meant to have ice cream" I thought.  Well, the health Angels must have been looking out for me because the next thing that happened was when I pulled up to the drive through to order another sign said that their debit machine was broke and they could only take cash. I peered into my wallet to find a $5.00 bill. Only enough to cover my husband's ice cream.  Good thing that happened because obviously I did not have enough will power to handle it on my own. 

The moral of the story is that there is always going to be a reason why we feel we shouldn't start that diet or exercise program the day we decided we were going to. There is also always going to be someone's birthday at work that we have to have a piece of cake for. If we really want to start to look and feel great then we have to make some sacrifices. So, I guess mine will be starting to eat better!!

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