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Friday, August 10, 2012

Fit Radio Review

Anyone that works out and listen's to music should download Fit Radio.  This is a great smart phone app.  Unlike Pandora or Spotify or the like, Fit Radio is great for workouts because it supplies a continuous mix of high BPM music straight to your headphones.  It is easy to use.  All you have to do to get started is go to Fitradio.com  and you can use it right on your computer and it is great here.  However, the awesome sauce comes into play once you download it to your android or apple smart phone.  Having the app on your phone gives you your very own personal traveling workout DJ.

You can pick from all different categories of music.  They have it all from Classic Rock, Indie, Hip Hop and even Dubstep and Top 40.  Keep in mind that all of these genres are mixed into one continuous stream of music that doesn't stop playing until you turn it off. There is even a Party Category that is a mix of all types of songs.  It is my personal favorite. I haven't tried it for running yet, but I plan on it and I have a feeling it will make running really enjoyable.  (I hate having to skip through slow songs that come up on your shuffle list while running.)

In addition to sorting by Genre, you can also select favorites and add them to your list as well as sort  by DJ if you find one you love.  (They are all pretty good in my opinion.)  Overall I love this app and highly recommend it.  Check it out at Fitradio.com or search for it in your preferred app store.


Kristen said...

Music definitely motivates me when I work out. I'll have to check out this app!

Lombardofitness said...

Definitely gotta check out the Fit radio App...thanks!