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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Best Workout Headphones Ever

I have searched high and low to find a good pair of headphones to wear mainly for running.  It seems that every time I think I have found "THE" pair that will end the search, I am always disappointed after using them a couple times.  By Far the very best set of headphones that I have found are.... Drum roll.....


I heard about Yurbuds a long time ago and I decided to order a pair. So I ordered the Ironman pair because Ironman stuff is just super cool.  This is the version that I ended up with.  They were really cool red buds with black headphones with the ironman logo on them.  They also came with this cool pouch to store them in.

They send you two separate sizes.  You pick the one that fits your ears best, and if neither fit you can contact them and they will send you the correct size. The ear pieces are made of silicon and can be attached to any regular sized ear bud set of headphones. 

They fit into your ears great and do not move around all the time causing you have to adjust them like other ear buds.  This is crucial when running.  With other brands of ear buds I found myself constantly having to press them back into my ears.  I did find that the actual ear buds wore out due to sweat.  They are sweat proof.  But apparently not Heavily Sweat proof.  I sweat A LOT so it was bound to happen.  The cool thing was that I just popped off the silicon ear pieces and added them to my apple ear buds and had a brand new set.  I ended up leaving them dangling from my neck at a race last year and I lost one of the ear pieces...bummer.  So I ordered a new pair from Yurbuds.com  This time I went for a different style.  the over the ear Ironman buds with the built in microphone.  

Big Mistake!  I cannot stress to you how much I hated having the over the ear clip.  Maybe it is just my ears but in my opinion they take all the brilliance and functionality out of the design.  The silicon ear piece is meant to be sticky and grip your ear hence not falling out during exercise.  With the over the ear addition, all it did was make it difficult to fit the ear pieces into your ear canal correctly.  Another down side of this design was the microphone.  In theory it was a good idea but when I took it our to run and tried to use it, it just ended up getting on my nerves.  First, it is kind of bulky and it sits right in the middle of your chest.  Well, when you run it ends up bouncing off your chest mile after mile.  It gets really annoying.  Second, the one time I actually got a call while wearing them on a run and tried to answer, the person on the other end said all they could hear was wind and I had even stopped moving at that point to try to correct the situation.  To solve all of this I ended up just switching the ear pieces back onto my apple ear buds and it is a perfect combo.

All in all Yurbuds are the best ear buds for exercise, specifically for running, but I also wear them when I lift and bike.  My advice is to go for the cheapest model so you can get the ear pieces and don't worry about getting the upgraded microphone attachment and definitely stay away from the over the ear design.  Oh yeah, and don't be a dingus and just let them hang around your neck while they are not in use.  Put them in your pocket or the pouch that they come with so that you don't lose the ear pieces.

You can check out yurbuds online at http://www.yurbuds.com/

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