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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shakeology Survey-It Really Works

Shakeology Really Works

You may have heard the buzz around how Shakeology helps transform people’s health.
Well if you’re wondering if the hype is true, it is. We even put it to the test! A BIG test.

Shakeology Survey results:

Here’s proof from nearly 3,000 daily Shakeology drinkers:*
93% feel healthier since drinking it.
86% report increased energy level.
81% feel it helped reduce their cravings for junk food.
91% said it helped improve their regularity.**
81% said Shakeology kept them full until their next meal.
72% said Shakeology helped them lose weight.
82% reported improved digestion.†
77% feel more alert and focused throughout their day.
74% noticed an improvement in their mood.
92% believe Shakeology is money well spent.
91% agree that Shakeology tastes great!
65% cut back on the amount of caffeinated beverages they consumed daily.
66% noticed their skin/hair/nails looked healthier.
97% believe it’s a smart investment in their health.


Shakeology Survey


Shakeology really is a great product.  My wife and I searched for years trying to find a great shake that was super healthy and also tasted great.  We finally stumbled upon Shakeology.  To be honest, at first I could've cared less about all the nutritional value.  I was all about taste.  The first time I got a chocolate Shakeology sample packet and mixed it up with Peanut butter.....I was hooked.  I knew it was something that I could drink everyday.  There are a ton of different recipes you can try and also a variety of flavors.

Flavors: Regular Chocolate, Greenberry, Vanilla, Vegan Chocolate, Tropical Strawberry

If you would like to try Shakeology contact us for a free sample.


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