Haywood Fitness: Turbo Fire Infomercial 2013-Megan is in it!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Turbo Fire Infomercial 2013-Megan is in it!

Turbo Fire Infomercial 2013

Check out Megan in the Turbo Fire Infomercial.  She worked really hard for her results, and hard work pays off.  Beachbody was so impressed with how she did, they asked her to submit some video footage of her talking about the workout.  You can see her at around the 18:40 ish minute mark in the infomercial.  Anyone that submits their story online to Beachbody through the Beachbody Challenge, has a chance at getting picked.  They also can win money. And, of course, after you complete your program of choice they send you a free T-shirt.


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