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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tips for Running with a Jogging Stroller

Tips for Running with a Jogging Stroller

Four tips to make Running with a Jogging Stroller more enjoyable:


1. Find the right stroller to fit your needs.

There are many different jogging strollers out there to choose from.  Make sure to do your research and find one with the options that will suit you and your spouse (if you both will be using it).  Megan and I ultimately choose to go with the Joovy Zoom 360.  It is a great jogging stroller that fit our needs.  We also were heavily leaning towards the BOB Revolution.  After reading many online reviews and comparisons in the 2 models we decided to go with the cheaper Joovy.  Based on the reviews the BOB seemed like it was smoother and overall easier to push. But the Joovy was nearly $100 cheaper and, according to the reviews, has a taller handle.  Me being 6'5"-6'6" I figured the taller handle would come in handy. (get it?)  Also, the water bottle holder and rain guards all came included in the price of the Joovy and they were all add-on items with the BOB.

2. Ease Into It

Make sure to ease into running with a jogging stroller.  It is definitely an adjustment.  For me, it was very difficult to run with just one arm.  I keep one hand on the stroller at all times so I only get my normal arm swing in with one arm.  It felt weird at first.  I switch up which hand I swing and which one keeps ahold on the stroller during the runs.  Some people like to use a push-catch up method which I have tried and didn't like.  You basically push the stroller ahead of you and run normally until you catch up to it and then repeat.  I just didn't like this method.  I wasn't scared of losing control of the stroller or anything because it contains a wrist leash that will not let the stroller get too far out of your reach, I just didn't like this way or doing it.  It felt like more work.

Consider also that you are not going to be used to pushing a 50+lbs. (depending on your baby's weight and all the gear you bring) stroller while running.  Start slow and maybe only do a mile or 2 the first couple times.  Remember, your child has to adjust to the stroller and the feeling of running too.

3. Bring Stuff

Depending on the age of your child, the length of your run, etc... You should plan accordingly.  Always being the essentials like an extra bottle, diaper, wipes etc... But it is also a good idea to bring along some toys to keep your child occupied.  Depending on the length of our run, we usually bring along some kind of distraction.  We typically start out by not giving baby anything.  Later on, if she shows signs of fussiness, we will break out toys or a bottle.  We have a strap that we can attach to the stroller and the bottle that will keep the bottle, sippy cup, or toy attached in case she decides to throw it or drops it.

4. Have Fun

Running with a jogging stroller throws a whole bunch of new factors into the mix on your run.  It is no longer just you and the elements or you and the dog against the elements.  You now have a small human involved as well as moving parts, food, extra weight you struggle to push up hills etc...  Things are going to happen to throw off your running routine.  Flat tires, crank babies, banging your shins into the wheels.  Just remember to take it in stride and enjoy the run.  And if you are like me and you track your pace with a GPS watch religiously...know that running with a jogging stroller will definitely negatively affect your times.

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Please share with all of your runner friends who are parents.  And make sure to leave your tips for running with a jogging stroller in the comments section below.  Let me know how it goes.  We will see you out there.

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