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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Coconut Oil for Running or Workout Fuel

I have recently been enlightened to the fact that Coconut Oil is an amazing product.  In my research to try and find a better solution than goo's and gel's for nutrition and hydration when running long distances, I discovered MCT oil.  MCT stands for Medium-Chain-Triglycerides.  MCT's as opposed to LCT's or Long-Chain-Triglycerides  do not get stored in the body as fat.  The way I understand it is that something about their make up allows them to pass through the digestive system and move straight into cells rather than having to be processed and broken down.  This allows them almost instantly be used up as energy when running or performing other strenuous activities.  While you can buy pure MCT oil and down it or use it for cooking, Coconut oil is a cheaper option that is packed full of MCT's.  It varies by brand but the the picture above is the kind I currently am using and it contains 62% MCT's.  So far I have been using Coconut Oil in the Skinny Muffin recipe that I blogged about previously.  I will become a human guinea pig soon as I will be testing out Coconut Oil as a fueling source once I begin marathon training in July.  I am not sure I will be able to just eat a spoonful of Coconut oil before I go out and run so I am going to start mixing it in my Shakeology Shakes each morning and trying to have a Skinny Muffin before I leave the house for a run.  Check out the link below which explains all of the other benefits that Coconut Oil has to offer.

The Magic of Coconut Oil – Part II » Run With Sneakers:

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