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Friday, May 23, 2014

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

How much weight should I gain and how many calories should I consumer while pregnant?

I have always been very conscientious about my weight and careful about what I eat. So, when I got pregnant I thought "Yes! Free Pass! Eat Whatever I want!!!" It didn't help that while I was pregnant I did not experience any morning sickness and I had an amazing appetite. I was so hungry all of the time. I craved everything and anything especially chicken wings, root beer, and mangoes.

A couple months into my pregnancy I went to my regular doctor visit and I asked him if my weight gaining was okay and he replied "Well, it is fine-you are just a little ahead of schedule". After the appointment I sat in my car and cried. During my entire pregnancy I heard two extremes either 1. You look like you have hardly gained any weight-you are all baby or 2. Wow! You really gained weight. It totally messed with my head!

I ended up gaining 58 pounds while pregnant and I couldn't blame it on my baby because she arrived three weeks early at only 5 pounds.   Next time around I plan on being smarter about my weight gain. I now understand that it is a misconception that you should eat for two. It was so difficult for me to lose that much weight so next time around I plan on being more careful.

Here are the guideline that I have found that are good to go by:

-In the beginning of your pregnancy stick with an extra 300 calories a day. Towards the end of your pregnancy you can add up to 500 calories. If you are carrying more than one child or workout a lot you might need to add in extra calories. It is a good idea to speak with your physician.

-If you are already at an average weight you should gain about 25-35 pounds during your pregnancy. If you are underweight while getting pregnant you can gain about 28-40 pounds and if you are considered overweight you should only gain 15-25 pounds. So, a good average of weight to gain is 25 pounds.

The important thing  is that you feel good and that your baby is healthy. I think it is okay to eat some extra chicken wings once in a while (come on your hormones are raging!) but as with anything keep everything in moderation.

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