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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sharing about Shakeology

As long as I have known my husband it has been a battle for him to eat healthy. He is not a big fan of vegetables or fruits. When I first met him the mention of the word "salad" or " lettuce" freaked him out. It was hard for me to understand this because I have always loved fruits and vegetables (don't get me wrong I love my meat and sweets too!) I was always worried about his lack of nutrition and what I could do to help him (other than to disguise his fruits and vegetables!)

This starts my journey with Shakeology. When my husband first told me about Shakeology the first thing I thought was "Shake-what?!" and then next thing I thought (or said!) was "Yeah-I am NOT spending that much on a drink!".  Like most battles my husband won. He convinced me to just take money out of our monthly grocery budget and not spend as much on groceries since this would replace meals he would eat (okay-not a bad argument). So, we ordered the shakes. I wanted nothing to do with them since he had to talk me into them, but he absolutely loved them.

Fast forward a few months later. I was home recovering from a C-section and could not move very well and I had no energy to think about what to make for a meal. However, I KNEW I had to continue to get nutrients and eat well since I was breastfeeding. I just didn't have an appetite or energy to do so. My "good mom" genes kicked in and I caved. I asked my husband to fix me a Shakeology shake. At least I knew from other mom's and doctors that Shakeology was safe to drink while breastfeeding. I soon found myself asking my husband to make me a shake every day before he left for work. I would sip on it while I was home with our new baby. I would grab veggies or other light, healthy quick snacks in addition to this. In one month with absolutely NO exercise (not even light walking) I had dropped 30 lbs and I felt great (well other than the pain from my surgery). Shakeology was my new best friend! We even had to start ordering two bags of it a month because I was stealing all of his.

Today I am fully recovered from my C-section and back to work and working out. Shakeology is still my B.F.F because it is SO convenient. I drink it every morning for breakfast. Sometimes even on my way to work or once I am there checking my emails. I will also sometimes drink a second shake on my lunch break if there aren't any other healthy, quick alternatives at home. Even if  I end up eating crappy the other meals I at least know I got in one healthy meal that day.

The other thing that I love about Shakeology is that I can drink it having milk sensitivities. I select the "Vegan" option of it which is made with pea and rice proteins rather than whey. I mix it with Almond milk. So, I am not consuming any dairy. However, we do have non-vegan options for people who don't mind dairy. Here are the flavors you can choose from; Vegan Chocolate or Tropical Strawberry, Regular Chocolate, Greenberry, or Vanilla. Again, I prefer to make them with Almond milk but you can use water or regular milk. The chocolate is very versatile because you can add peanut butter, a banana, coffee etc.

My husband and I loved the Shakeology shakes so much that we actually signed up to be Beachbody coaches so that we could get the shakes at a discounted rate. If you can't afford them this is also an alternative option for you too!

Take a minute to watch my video on how I make Shakeology and see how quick and easy it really is.

If you have questions or are interested in trying a sample let me know.

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