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Monday, December 2, 2013

We ALL make excuses...what IS your excuse?

What is your excuse

So, most of us have probably recently seen the picture of the mom who is super fit with kiddos with the title "What is your excuse?" I have heard a lot of arguments for why this picture was (and wasn't) offensive....I get it. I can see both sides so this isn't a post on that picture. This post is all about excuses. I write this because we (meaning me too!) all have excuses. I personally believe that the picture was to get us thinking. Get us thinking about what we can look like or conquer without excuses. At the end of the day it really is our excuses (and mindset) that holds us back from accomplishing our goals and dreams right?? Here are some common excuses I hear and have personally had myself and why I feel like they can be overcome. I don't say this to offend I say to so that we can all be conquerers together!!

1. I want to get out of Debt  but I don't have any extra money to

Dani JohnsonI have learned through Dani Johnson the idea that each of us have FAT in our spending that we can use to pay off our debt. It is different for everyone. The FAT we were able to locate was Cable Television, going to WHITS ice cream too much, and buying people expensive gifts. We estimated the amount of money we were spending on these things and realized we had an extra $100 a month we could take to pay off our debt. We are now doing this utilizing the snowball effect. To learn more about this check out Dani Johnson's  War on Debt  program.

2. I want to lose weight but I have bad genetics, no time to work out, no money to eat healthy, no time to workout. This is probably the largest area where people make excuses. It is easy to point fingers at someone and say "Oh they just have better genes". Did you know that you can actually reverse your genetics by taking supplements and working with a nutritionist to do so? There are so many programs out there like T25 that only take 25 minutes a day.

3. I want to read more or complete ____activity but there aren't enough hours in the day. We are all given the same amount of hours in a day. You might want to look at what you do each day to determine if there are things you can cut out or ways you can multi-task. For example, maybe you want to read your bible and work out more. Can you get the bible on cd and listen to it while you work out? Can you cut out how many hours you watch TV or log onto facebook. Take a good look at how you spend your time an prioritize what is most important.

4. I want to spend more time with family & friends but I am too busy. Take a few minutes and send a family member or friend a quick facebook message or text letting them know you are thinking about them. Pick one day a month to hang out and catch up. Take advantage of modern technology and do facetime or Skype and have a more personalized phone call. Find ways to do every day tasks together. Invite them over for a workout or volunteer to watch eat others kids. Invite family into your normal chaos to create time together.

Take some time to think about your goals. Now, think about what excuses have been holding you back from accomplishing your goals. Instead of just focusing on your New Years goal or resolutions think about how you will combat these excuses and MAKE IT HAPPEN!


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