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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Zombies, Run! App Review

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if Zombies were real?  Well this is about as close as you can get to being chased by zombies other than a walk on role in The Walking Dead.  This app is available for $7.99 on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone platforms.  Now you might think that $7.99 for an app is a little pricey.  I know I did at first and I debated on whether or not it would be worth the purchase.  After using it the first couple times I was glad that I decided to buy it.

Without spoiling to much of the plot line of the game, you basically are trapped in a Zombie apocalypse.  You are "Runner #5"  You were picked to be a runner because well, you are good at running and evading zombie attacks.  Also, the previous Runner #5 was no longer and they needed someone to take your place.  So, you go around and do missions.  You might go out and search for gas for vehicles, or go on a rescue mission to save other members of your clan.  You even go on super secret intel missions to gather data that might lead to a cure for the Zombie Disease.

The game play works like this;  you start up the app on your phone, select a mission, and select whehter or not you would like music and if so which playlist.  You pop in your headphones and are given audio cues about what today's mission will entail.  You take off running.  Then your playlist will begin and as you run you hear audio cues whenever you pick up an item.  In between songs you will get more mission details and updates on your progress from a guide that is telling you where to go and what to do.  Also the fun part comes in when you get an alert that zombies were detected nearby and you need to sprint in order to avoid them catching you.  And, this just randomly happens throughout the run.  I like to call it ZIT.  Zombie Interval Training.

Another fun add on to the app is that those items that I mentioned that you can pick up along the way are stored and when you get back to base you can assign them to the different areas of your base that you think may need them.  For Example if you pick up a bandages you can assign them to go to the Medical Tent.  You can then build your base up, and as a result open up more missions and challenges.

The app also tracks your route via GPS and can give you running data at the end of the run that you can share on Twitter and Facebook.

As a runner I really like this app because it can shake up your workout occasionally.  I would not use it everyday as you would probably get burnt out on it but for an occasional run it is a nice change of pace.

Here is a video from their website.

Check out Zombies, Run! at https://www.zombiesrungame.com/


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