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Monday, September 10, 2012

Proud To Be Blond!

Kelly Ripa

Chalene Johnson

Beth Moore

This year most of my friends are turning thirty. Fortunately, since I was younger in my class I am one of the last of my group of friends to turn thirty. However, I am actually feeling really excited about turning thirty because there are three wonderful women in the media that I admire who are in their forties and fifties. I absolutely admire and enjoy the energyy that Kelly Ripa (talk show host), Beth Moore (Christian author & speaker), and Chalene Johnson (author & fitness geru) exude.  These ladies look so good for their age-they could all pass for their twenties or thirties! I can only hope I will look that good when I am their age. I think the common denominators that all three ladies have that keep them glowing are their commitment to fitness, their faith in God, their supportive husbands, and their box of blond hair color! :) Watching these ladies in the media makes me excited about what the future holds and....proud to be blond!

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