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Thursday, March 20, 2014

What Are You Avoiding?


What Are You Avoiding?

We all have that one thing (or few things) that we have been avoiding doing. For some of us it might be tackling losing weight, forgiving someone, cleaning out our basement, or starting a work-out routine. The whole out of sight, out of mind mantra is very convenient in this area in our lives. "I will get to that one day" we think. I don't know what struck me hard when 2014 hit but something did. It might have been that last year I became a mom, hit thirty, or that my step-mom passed away from cancer. Whatever it was that hit me I caught fire that every little thing I have been avoiding in my life needed taken care of...NOW. I don't want any regrets and I don't want to fall short of being the best that I can be. For that reason I am hitting things hard. My hope is that if I try to do a bunch of things then hopefully I will at least accomplish a few of them. This weekend I tackled something incredibly embarassing. In fact the only reason that I am even publicly sharing this is because I know that someone out there can relate to having a similar issue.

My husband has told me our entire marriage that I have issues when it comes to buying gift bags, wrapping paper, and tissue paper for gifts. "We have a whole box of all of that stuff downstairs-why do you need to buy any more?" Well, let me tell you my answer for that. 1. I like buying gift bags. To me-it is just as fun buying the perfect gift bag as it is buying the gift. I usually try to find a gift bag that matches the theme of the party, the person's personality, or the gift itself. In my eyes the gift bag is part of the present.   2. The big box in the basement full of gift wrap is very intimidating. It is so big and full of stuff that I don't even know where to begin. If I buy a gift bag at the store while I am buying the present I can avoid eye contact with that huge box of craziness and pretend it doesn't exist. Crazy, right? Well-this is my one big thing I have been avoiding for a long time. Until now.

So what changed? Well, my husband and I are doing a Financial Peace class where we have to focus on every dollar and how we are spending it. Therefore, I can no longer purchase gift bags without feeling guilty or feeling like I am hurting the greater cause. Last night I did what we all need to do- I faced the thing I was avoiding head on. I stared that ginormous box of gift wrap in the face and it was terrifying! I began pulling stuff out of the box and sorting it into piles. As I began sorting I realized how absolutely ridiculous it was that I had been purchasing gift wrap. I had enough gift bags, boxes, and wrapping paper to start my own Hallmark store!!! I found myself feeling ashamed, anxious, giddy, embarrassed and freed as I cleaned out this box and sorted. I then created labels for each storage tub so that I could now easily find the category of gift wrap I would be looking for. Now, instead of looking for that perfect bag at the store-I will look through the tubs in my basement.

Looking back I bet not a single family member or friend of mine can tell me what I wrapped their present in. In fact, I bet they can't tell me what gift I even got them for that matter! So, why was I so consumed with this gift wrap obsession? Why was I wasting money that we shouldn't be spending?  Because it was easier! Just like it is easier to eat whatever we want and continue doing what is comfortable...even if it isn't right. Well, those days are over. If you are reading this and you will be receiving a gift from me expect it to come in a really tacky wrapping paper. I have vowed to not buy any more gift wrap until what I have is all gone.

I don't share this just so you are amused by my obession with gift wrap (although you probably already are!) I share this because as I mentioned before we all have that one thing that we have been avoiding. We have that one thing sitting in our basement that we are avoiding eye contact with. The hardest part is getting started. Once you get started it is so much easier. I hope that this encourages you to face that one thing you are avoiding head on. I promise if you do you will be better because of it. You will feel a sense of accomplishment, release, and freedom that you haven't felt before. Best wishes!


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