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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Facts about Soy

Recently I have started eating less meat. This had forced me to look for protein sources elsewhere. A common place for vegetarians to find protein is in soy sources. However, there are a lot of rumors out there about soy and links to breast cancer and other things. So, I was very excited to see on the Dr. Oz show the other day a doctor explaining the differences in different types of soy. Here is what I learned (kind of the break down and basics). If you are a soy consumer or eat products that contain soy it is important you know this. Here is the "quick and dirty/simplified" version of what I learned:


Facts about Soy

Avoid processed soy-This will come in the form that says "Soy Protein or  Soy Isolate"-typically we find this in soy milk, ice cream, and protein shakes. This is disguised as soy but it is so processed and broken down that it isn't truly a soy product and it doesn't have the benefits of the original soy bean.

If you are trying to avoid dairy milk it is best to stick with almond or coconut milk. As for protein powder sources-go for pea protein or hemp protein.

Best types of soy to get-Edamame, Tofu, and Fermented Soy(Tempeh). It is also best to by organic soy and GMO (genetically modified) free soy.

*Allergies or Sensitivities-Soy is one of the top things that people can be allergic to, or have a sensitivity to.  If you fall into this category, then you should probably avoid Soy products.  A good way to do an unofficial allergy self test to see if you have a sensitivity is to go for at least 2 weeks with no Soy, and then see how you feel.  After the 2 week time period, re-introduce Soy back into your diet.  You want to listen to your body at that point and see if the symptoms that you may have had came back, got worse, etc...

For Example: I have a sensitivity to Dairy products.  I never knew it, I just knew that when I ate ice cream or cheese I would get phlegmy and/or cough.  It turns out that when I eliminated dairy from my diet that all went away.  It only happens when I eat those products that contain dairy.  About 10 minutes after I eat it, I can  feel the phlegm build up.  So I mostly try to avoid dairy...except for ice cream, we all know how much I love ice cream.

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