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Monday, July 15, 2013

Focus on Fitness not Weight Loss


It is important to focus on fitness not weight.. ..I was watching Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition last night and The girl on there was 5'6" and 292 lbs. Which is nothing compared to some of the other people he helps. Since she didn't have tons and tons of weight to lose, because she had a year to do it in.  Chris Powell didn't give her a weight loss goal but told her to "focus on fitness" and the weight would come....and it did she got all the weigh(get it) down to 162 lbs.


Too many times people get fixated on the number on the scale. This girl was doing cross fit and could run a half marathon or swim a mile at the drop of a hat but she was discouraged with herself because she wasn't seeing that number change. Focus on how much better you feel during your workouts and how much more you can do now versus when you started. Be encouraged that you are seeing changes whether that is in the mirror, on the scale, or in your fitness level.  I suggest to anyone starting a program in one of my challenge groups that they take measurements before they begin.  Then take them again every 30 days.  Many times, especially in the beginning of a new program, people will not lose weight at first.  However, if they have pictures and measurements, they can often see a difference or their measurements are lower and they are losing inches.

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