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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Geigerrig Hydration Engine Review

Let me start by saying that the Geigerrig Hydration Engine is the best Hydration Bladder that I have ever used.  It is way better than any Camelbak, or any other kind of hydration bladder backpack combo.  I have 2 Camelbakbrand hydration packs and my Geigerrig is a vast improvement in all aspects.

I have the 3 liter 100 oz Bladder.  I didn't buy one of the full rigs as I already had multiple Camelbak and Nike bags that the bladder would fit into. I also found a great deal at TheClymb.  Check them out and use this affiliate link if you want to get access to the site.  If you just go and register you will have to be put on a wait list before they give you access to the site.   I have since purchased just a Geigerrig 1600 bag with no bladder off of a user on ebay because I love the product and company so much.

The first thing that I love about this bladder is the fact that it is pressurized and the water actually sprays into your mouth and you don't have to suck on the straw to get the fluid out of the bladder.  This sounds super lazy but for anyone who has ever had to suck on their camel straws about 20 miles into a run or in the middle of an all day bike trip or hike then you know that every bit of energy is crucial.  This saves you that extra energy.  In addition the spray feature allows for you to spray yourself off with a mini-shower or allows for you to hydrate your dog friend on a hot day.

The second thing that I love about the Geigerrig is how easy it is to clean.  The design is genius.  When you are ready to clean the rig you take the bladder, remove the straw, and turn the bladder inside out (which is impossible with any other bladder on the market.)  Once the bladder is inside out you can wash it off and hang it to dry.  Although I have never needed to do this, you can even put the bladder in the dish washer. This makes this thing so much easier to clean and dry out.  And unlike the other bladders on the market, this will prevent the bladder from growing mold.  Before this bladder, I can't tell you how many times I have had to clean out the mold in my other bladders.  It takes forever, and then you still forever feel like you are drinking mold...not cool.

Another Super Rad feature of the Geigerrig is the optional In-Line Filter.  This allows you to fill up your bladder in a river lake or stream and will filter out all the bad junk that would normally make someone sick.  I have actually been in a desperate situation where I was seriously contemplating drinking from a small creek because we had run outta water and did not know how soon we would be able to find water.  Luckily we forged ahead and found a gas station nearby and we were able to purchase some Gatorade.  I never want to be in that situation again so I purchased the In-Line Filter just in case I am ever in that situation again.  There have even been some people who actually urinate in their bladders and then use the filter to stay hydrated.  Hopefully it never comes to that but it is nice to have that piece of mind that I have the option of using the In-Line Filter if I need to do so.

I also purchased the optional insulated drink tube.    I like the spray nozzle on the insulated tube better than the one that came with the bladder.  The original one had a twist knob to open the valve.  The insulated drink tube has a tip that you pull out to open the valve.  It is much easier to bit the nozzle and pull on it all in one motion than to say take your hands off of the bike handlebars and twist the knob of the original tube.  I also really like that the insulated tube has a large plastic cover to cover up the mouthpiece.  I don't anticipate having to use this for my purposes but I can see how it might come in handy in a beach or desert situation where sand could potentially get on the mouthpiece and then make its way to your mouth when you drink. It's another feature that is "nice to have" for me just in case.  Also the main reason for getting the Insulated tube is so that the water in your tube doesn't freeze or get really hot depending on what your surroundings happen to be.  The neoprene insulation works great to regulate the temperature of the water in the tube.

In the end, I pieced together my Geigerrig.  Mainly because I had previously spent a lot of money on the other Hydration systems and didn't want to waste them.  If I had it to do again I would just go all in on a new Geigerrig.  I will definitely purchase another for my wife soon and I have and will continue to recommend their products to all of my mountain biking and running friends.

Overall Rating:  2 thumbs up, 5 stars. 10 out of 10 and all that jazz.

I LOVE THIS THING! Great Design, Great Product, Great Company!

*It's important to note that I do not work for Geigerrig or have any affiliation with the company.  I am just someone who discovered their great products and became an instant fan!!

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